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Casey Hitchcock Performs at Carnegie Hall

We are so proud of Hospice of Texarkana employee; Casey Hitchcock, for her performance with Texarkana Regional Chorale at Carnegie Hall. In an interview with Casey, she shared her experiences during the trip to New York.

When did you start singing with the group?

I started singing with Texarkana Regional Chorale in August of 2019! We had to take a break for a little over a year due to Covid, but it made it exciting to come back in time for this performance.

Was this the first time the group performed at Carnegie Hall?

I’m not sure the dates for the first trip, but Marc-Andre Bougie has been working with MidAmerica Productions for 15 years. MidAmerica is the company that organizes these performances at Carnegie Hall. It was my first time going to perform there though!

What was your favorite part of the trip?

There’s too many to count! The performance is obviously one, and it was kind of surreal being on stage at Carnegie Hall. The building itself is beautiful, and I was in awe the entire time I was there.

I love Broadway shows, and I got to see Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton while I was there this time.

Broadway is always inspiring to me, and the shows never fail to make me emotional. In a good way.

I also loved the harbor dinner cruise we took after we performed. They had a sky deck that had amazing views of the city from both sides. I went back up to the sky deck after everyone else went back inside, and I was able to soak in the views of the city by myself for a few minutes. It was beautiful.

What other groups also performed?

  • Texarkana Regional Chorale

  • Huntington High School from Shreveport

  • Grambling State University from Louisiana

  • Albany Chorale from Georgia

  • Valdosta State University from Georgia

Date of performance? March 19, 2022

Songs performed?

Poulenc’s Gloria (Directed by Clell Wright)

Bougie’s Requiem (Directed by Marc-Andre Bougie)

Other iconic locations visited during your trip?

Times Square, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, and Chelsea Piers

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