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From the “Hospice of Texarkana” Facebook page:

During the first week of May our family was slapped with a harsh reality that none of us wanted to face. We learned that our Papaw was incredibly sick and there was nothing that we could do. Our team of physicians suggested we consider hospice care. With broken hearts we accepted our reality. Papaw was cared for and loved at the Hospice of Texarkana Care Center for 10 days. During our time there, our family was continuously impressed by the care provided to him and to us. The team of staff, nurses, physicians, and volunteers made this very sad time such an uplifting experience.”   

Cory R. Davis

“There’s two things Terry liked doing: One was coming to Hospice of Texarkana to make things for patients and the other was quilting. She had to give Hospice volunteering up when she found she had cancer. We worked several years to get rid of that, but didn’t quite get the job done. We finally found out it wasn’t doing any good to run all the miles to MD Anderson, and then her health took a turn for the worse. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for Hospice of Texarkana helping me out. They came right in and helped and would get it all done—especially with medicines. The last week of her life, she walked into the Care Center and she didn’t walk out. For about a year I had a really tough time and I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. But I am glad that Hospice was here to help me through this and I’m grateful that the men’s group is here. I didn’t think it would ever get better, but it has gotten better.”  

Calvin Moore, Loving husband of Hospice Volunteer Terry Moore of 47 years


I am amazed at the good benefits Josh and I have received from his using Hospice of Texarkana. Mostly it’s the caring nurses. They’re super! And the physical benefits are great. They discovered his swollen ankles and changed his meds twice in one week until they got the right combination and came back to check on him. His ankles are almost normal and he didn’t have to make trips to the doctor. Also we no longer pay $360 monthly for Eliquis, nor have to worry about toe nail trimming. And every time they come they ask how I’m doing and give me a hug. Thanks Hospice of Texarkana.”

- Written about her husband’s care in early April. She unexpectedly passed away on April 6, 2019

Martha Morriss


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