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While the majority of hospice care is provided in private homes and long-term care facilities, there are times when hospice patients may need short-term medical care for symptom management. Once the patient is stable, they will return to their home/facility home.

The Hospice of Texarkana Inpatient Care Center is a state-of-the-art, 12-bed inpatient facility that is designed to meet the needs of our patients, as well as those of visiting family members and friends.

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The Hospice of Texarkana Care Center Provides Intensive Hospice Care and Assistance for Caregivers

The focus of Hospice physicians and nurses is always comfort. Our goal for patients is to remain at home (house or facility home); however, sometimes the seriously ill need more Intensive Comfort Care. That's the best way to describe the Hospice of Texarkana Care Center - an ICU for our hospice patients who will be see by a physician each day.

Our Care Center is the only one of its kind within 75-miles. The level of pain and symptom management offered matches the top care that is being delivered in large cities across the nation. The Hospice of Texarkana Care Center is also here to support caregivers when they need a break for a few days. The center may be utilized up to 5 days, giving the patient excellent, 24-hour care in a private room while the caregiver makes time to rest and recharge, go to appointments, travel out of town or even take a needed vacation.

We are committed to the well-being of Patients AND Caregivers!

Why Would Our Family Utilize the Care Center?

A few examples of patient problems that require this level of care include:

• Uncontrolled pain

• Respiratory distress that is too difficult to manage at home 

• Severe nausea/vomiting

• Symptoms identified by the physician as unmanageable in another setting

• Agitation requiring frequent and ongoing assessments and interventions

• Caregiver exhaustion

• Caregiver needs patient to have around-the-clock care for up to 5 days because of illness, repairs, travel or health needs

What Does the Inpatient Center Offer?

• Unlimited visiting hours

• Patient rooms with a private patio and restroom

• Sleeping accommodations for a guest

• Physicians and nurses who are experts in pain management, as well as symptom management

• Social workers and chaplains focused on you and your family’s emotional and spiritual needs

• A Chapel; Theatre; Coffee Bar; Family Living Room; Meditation Garden & Walking Paths; Children’s Playroom; Game/Media Room; kitchenette Area, Covered Outdoor Eating Area; Guest Shower & Laundry

• Wi-Fi Access and Vending Machines

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