All are open to the community at no cost.

Bereavement Follow Up

Grieving is a complicated process. It is well documented that the bereaved tend to be physically and mentally at greater health risk than the general population. In keeping with the hospice commitment to care for the family as well as the patient, the bereavement program administers care beyond the life of the patient. Family members and friends receive telephone contacts, personal visits and timely information from Hospice of Texarkana for one full year. They are also invited to participate in ongoing support services such as: Beyond Grief (adults); The Good Grief Club (for children); Caregiver’s Luncheon and Movers & Shakers.

We also have the crochet/knitting group that meets weekly to make shawls and bags for out pt's on Mondays at 10 at the TX office.

HOSPICE SUPPORT GROUP is facilitated by Brett Nolte, LCSW, each Wednesday at the Hospice of Texarkana Inpatient Care Center, 2407 Galleria Oaks Dr., Texarkana, Texas. Call (903) 794-4263 for more information.


Comfort Through Scripture:
What does the Bible say about loss? Our Chaplain Coordinator shares insights each Monday at 11 a.m at the Hospice Care Center. Open to any grieving adult.

This Group has coffee together at Central Mall in Texarkana each Thursday, 8:15-9:15 a.m., at the tables in front of Karnie’s across from Chick-Fil-A. Some attendees walk the Mall with one of our Grief Counselors, while others sit and talk with another Grief Counselor and other attendees. Attend 3 times to receive a free t-shirt!

Widower’s Support Group:
Men who have lost their wives have coffee together weekly at the Hospice Inpatient Care Center, 2407 Galleria Oaks Dr., Texarkana, Texas. The group is led by Richard Martin. Call (903) 794-4263 for more information.

Call Amy M. or Brett to learn the Summer, 2019, date & location: 903-794-4263. This group is for kids 7-17 who have had a loss due to death, divorce, a move, a parent being deployed or incarcerated. 

Good Grief Club

We host several Good Grief Days each year and are offering the program after-school in different communities. The supportive event helps kids who have experienced loss because of death, divorce, moving, a parent serving in the military or who is incarcerated. Wishing your child had attended? Call our office to be part of the next event: 903-794-4263.

Special thanks to all of our Business Partners who help to make the events possible! Lori Anderson of “Toby’s Tales” (Animals for pet therapy) • Kiwanis Club of Texarkana • Townsquare Media • Texarkana Gazette • KTSS-Hope Beech Street Communications.