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   "We implemented the ‘We Honor Veterans’ program in 2011 and have worked to educate our staff on issues that commonly effect veterans at the end of life,” said Cindy Marsh, executive director.
   “This area is home to a heavy concentration of veterans and some of them have not been adequately thanked for their service to our country. We are pinning our veteran patients and want to reach out to the community as well.”
   The non-profit agency has hosted additional ceremonies to honor, memorialize and pin veterans. They also participate in several veteran specific health fairs. The agency looks forward to continuing these efforts. Hospice of Texarkana was founded in 1985 by the Junior League of Texarkana.  They serve families who live within 50-miles of Texarkana in Arkansas and Texas.  “We Honor Veterans” is a project of the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization in performance of a contract with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Participation in the program is voluntary and the agency has earnd 3 of 4 stars demonstrating education, collaboration and excellence.