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2013 Employees of the Year:  From L:  Billing Coordinator Christine Bevers and Danielle Anderson, RN
The Employee's of the Year are chosen by the paid staff.  In 2013, two ladies tied for the title and both are so appreciated by their co-workers! 

Christine Bevers is a Billing Coordinator and go-to person in the office for many issues. Christine typically opens and closes the Texas office and can be counted on to do her job and to jump-in and help other staff members accomplish their tasks.  She is a computer whiz, problem solver and a ray of sunshine.  Congratulations Christine—we appreciate you!

Danielle Anderson, RN, is an Admission’s Nurse. As such, she is the first staff member many patients meet and Danielle strives to make their situation better before she leaves their home. It is important to her that her patients are comfortable and that their caregiver has adequate education to provide the medications and assistance that their loved one needs.  Danielle is an excellent nurse who is quick to help co-workers. We appreciate and congratulate you on this honor!